Monday 10 October 2016

Meet Zeba and Stomper

Meet Zeba and Stomper. Zeba is a Lionhead-cross and former resident of RRR, Stomper is her handsome blue standard-sized Rex husbun. I don't know the full details of why they came back other than that their former owner was a volunteer at RRR, absolutely adored them but is now working on the other side of the planet and couldn't take them with her.

As well as being a gorgeous looking healthy pair, they are also super friendly and confident. I walked into their aviary to take their photos for the website expecting to be faced with that "I'm new here and I don't know you" cautiousness that bunnies are prone to, but no. Instead of hidey bunnies I got this:

"Oh, hey, breakfast guy! Did you come back with treats?"

"Did somebun say treats?"

"OMB are there treats in this hand??!! Gimme dem treats!!!!"

See what I mean? I'd been in there two seconds. Sure, it helps that I smelled of snacks, but still...

So anyway, we are expecting this pair to be rehomed pretty quickly, which means if you think you might like to adopt them (believe me, you would) you'd better get your skates on and register your interest!


  1. Lionhead crosses are such little cutey pies!

    .. and oh my, that sexy rexy fur!

  2. I hope he isn't trying to push them out the door just because Zeba doesn't really have big ears and doesn't qualify for this site. Mind you, he's let a few slip past before.

    1. Push them out? No! But I was tempted to pull them out and take them home! I'm a sucker for a friendly Rex!

  3. "BH-V has moving lumps under his jumper again."
    "Ignore it, his home bunnies will send them back."