Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Mutley Maths

"Hey human, could you come down here and check something for me?"

"Look:- according to my calculations here and the information on the box, you should be giving me roughly twice the snacks you currently do!"

BHV: Ah, sorry Mutley - firstly you've got to remember than bunnies only have 18 digits whereas humans have 20. The box is written for humans, so you have to allow for the two extra toes we count on - your calculations are out by two toes worth. Secondly, and I can't emphasise this enough really:- you can't read. Or do fractions. So I can't help feeling that maybe you're trying for a wool/eyes thing here...


  1. I know bunnies can tell time and am fairly confident they can count.. are you SURE they can't read and do fractions?

    1. You know, Shady, there are people out there who just deny the obvious. There's a book I saw the other day and the title was something like, "Are We Smart Enough to Know How Smart Anilmals Are?" I take it, that's a leading question, and the answer has got to be NO.