Monday 3 October 2016

The Snack Disposal Centre Is Always Open

Note: You'd be excused for thinking you've seen this photo before, but no, this is just the face I always see if I'm near him with snacks in my pockets.


  1. My bunny suggests larger pockets and more treats for additional more nuanced and varied bunny looks. Personally, I would stick with whatever you have currently. No one is ever going to get tired of that sweet, sweet bunny face.

    1. Are we talking "more" in variety or quantity? Cos I can't help thinking, if he cons any more treats out of me than he already does he'll pop!

    2. Well, it sounds like our limited human understanding would lead us to believe that "more" should be taken in the sense of "variety," but in this as in all other questions of import, it is best to ask the bunn. Really, for your own good, not just for the sake of the future of photography, it is best to ask the bunn. We have small and confined brains, but bunny brain overflow goes to their tummies. They know best.