Monday 15 April 2013

Green, Green Grass is Mown

At the Rescue we have spent a significant amount of money and volunteer time paving our aviaries. This not only makes them secure from those attempting to dig in/out, bunnies and predators alike, but also reduces cleaning time and allows easier disinfection. With so many bunnies so close together, bunnies moving around with rehoming or as their needs change and holiday boarders coming to stay, this is critical.

In short, paving the aviaries was clearly the right thing to do.

So what is sad in a way is seeing all the bunnies in our other accommodation, when they are let out into the fenced off green areas around them, enjoying grazing on the fresh grass so much. We clearly have some thinking to do - this will be the first summer since the row of aviaries was completed and the majority of them were paved and we certainly don't want the occupants to miss out on the natural grazing joy they had before. We may have to start growing grass in trays or create raised planting areas inside the aviaries, though myself having a natural talent for killing off even the hardiest of plants accidentally, I might leave that project for the other volunteers!

Meanwhile at home, Sunday's sunny weather really enhanced Whisky's day. In the morning he took up his favourite napping place in the sunny spot by the window, then spent the afternoon excitedly mowing the lawn. And since I can't leave him in the garden on his own (at the mercy of any passing predator), that meant my afternoon was set too. I'm now trying to figure out if he's forgotten he's a rabbit or if something about the smell of tasty green grass makes him forget what crepuscular means.



  1. He looks a very contented bunny.

  2. I think house bunnies forget a lot of instincts and learn new behaviour.

  3. true Brandi,some more than most,loving the Whisky photo

  4. we have the same grass vs flooring/paving issues: we went for a flooring (was paving which was fine as well) with time out each day on shared grass -

  5. I seriously think some house buns don't know they're house buns :)Moshi hated grass, but was very grateful for carpet.
    Good luck figuring out the grass situation!

  6. Where there is grass, there is bunn. Old Chinese Proverb.