Tuesday 30 April 2013

Plate Grass

It's great having longer days and drier weather so Whisky can get out in the garden more, but all this extra playtime for him means I have to find more things for myself to do outside.  Yesterday I thought I'd make constructive use of this time by taking a pair of scissors and a plate and cutting some grass and dandelions off the lawn for him to eat when he got bored and went in.

Can you guess what the flaw in this plan was? Given the choice of slowly nomming the tops off the grass yourself or having someone play the part of your missing front teeth and hand the grass to you on a plate (literally), there can only be one way to go...

"Oh waiter! Do keep 'em coming. And next time, not so stingy on the dandelion topping!"


  1. Long green grass, sunshine, waiter service....bunny heaven!

  2. That is some lovely grass! I love foraging for my bunnies and cutting a variety of grasses for them. In Oklahoma, wild prairie grasses are in abundance, but so are the soft cultivated grasses. My bunns get the long stalked, rough, heavy seeded kind, the very soft wispy kind, and everything in between! Plus dandelion leaves and flowers of every species, and an assortment of clovers, purslane, the soft tops of queen annes lace, woody stemmed weeds, and juicy groundcover weeds.
    Honestly, slave, you have nothing better to do than to serve his hinney-ness nice nommy grass!

  3. Yep, you will never be in need of activity again. :)