Monday 29 April 2013

Three Buns and Their Babies

Well it looks like May is going to be a tough month at the Rescue - we are set to be overrun with teeny tiny babies.  As well as Texas' litter of seven, who are now out in an aviary with mum (see below), we had another new mum and a pregnant doe about to give birth come in last week.

So, tough because of all the extra work, tough because of the extra financial burden on the Rescue and tough getting any work done when you're surrounded by volunteers who can't stop squeeing.

On top of all that, they can be pretty demanding little fellows those young-uns...

"You know why this bowl is empty?  Because YOU haven't refilled it since I just finished eating everything. Now get to it!"


  1. I thought I heard an abundance of *squee*-ing going on. Now I know why...

  2. Yes, the universe feels a little more dense with adorable molecules binkying about. Someone call Carl Sagan.
    GOd bless you all and I pray you get the financial help you need and that there will be an influx of people that have mysteriously been brainwashed, and moved to adopt rabbits.

  3. It is also very patriotic to adopt a bunny. Remember those famous sayings from American history. "Give me bunny or give me bunnies."

  4. well I'm adding to the Squeeeeee's

  5. Uhh... I'd totally be one of the squeeing volunteers... Sorry? :)

  6. Take a big breath, take a break now and then, and carry on - bless you all.