Tuesday 16 April 2013

Hoppy Breakfast

It is not often that I see Hoppy and Purdy these days now that they live in Caroline's office, but on the way to sort breakfast down at the Rescue I had to drop some bits off there so I couldn't resist dropping in to say "Hi!".  It would be nice to think that the bunnies' enthusiasm on my arrival was because they missed me too but, I was not surprised in the least to discover, this was not the case.  Purdy saw her chance to dash out the door for a jaunt around the courtyard and Hoppy had spotted an opportunity for negotiation...

"Carrot tops?!  You don't want carrot tops!  Let me do you a favour and take those things off your hands for say... three pellets each?"


  1. Better watch it! Next he will be wanting to trade you some "magic beans" for your house. Tell him you will trade him some oceanfront property in Arizona for a few snuggles and a kiss or two.