Monday 12 May 2014

Sweet Mouth


  1. Oh that is one of the sweetest mouf I've seen,xx Rachel

  2. Okay, you lazy Americans, the only way to take the subjectivity out of your life is to learn to speak more languages, and that stuff about age, it is not true. Sure it is a "sweet" mouth, but what is it saying, lazy American? If you are having a good day, maybe you think he is telling you how cute you are. If you are having a bad day, maybe he is making fun of your wrinkled shirt, but what is he really saying?*

    *Hint: "You lazy Americans . . ."

  3. I apologize, B-HV and Haribo and Visitors to this site. I was just wishing that more of us Americans would use our words, knew words in other languages, listened better. I shouldn't have exploited your blog in this way.

    1. No worries A-J, I didn't really understand what you were saying! I did wonder if this post translated - do you have Haribo in North America? They are a German sweet (as in 'candy') company, hence the title!

  4. Gotta love a bunny mouf - especially this boys :)