Monday 26 May 2014

The Hidden Whisky

It's a bank holiday weekend (no work Monday), half-term week (no school for kids all week) which started with lots of heavy rain Saturday. Translation? No volunteers! Consequently I spent much of Saturday and Sunday at the Rescue helping out, which totally wiped me out. After all that cleaning, I had no energy left yesterday to put a post together, but that's OK, it just means you get two today! Assuming I can continue to lift my arms to type for another 20 minutes or so, which is feeling more unlikely by the keystroke...

As for today, the rain looks like drowning out any chance of getting the little ones outside so I might be looking at a day on the sofa aching and groaning gently to myself. Just as soon as I give Whisky his medicines of course - now, where did I put that bunny?

"Nothing to see here, and if you're not going outside then certainly no need to open this curtain."


  1. It is raining here, too, but for us, it is life saving. Thank you for ALL you do. You all are my heroes. I wish Whiskey could be really well. We all worry about him all the time and get really scared if we don't see a picture of him for a bit. Whiskey, wherever you are, there is always a lot to see.

  2. As Auntie Jane says, we all worry about you, dear little Whisky, and wish you many medicine free days x