Sunday, 16 November 2014

Another Rainy Sunday

I hate days like today. I don't like to disturb the bunnies during their naptime, they won't thank me for it, but some days they have an annoying habit of sleeping right through the only dry bits of the day.

"Well WHY can't we go outside now? You could hold the umbrella, I could pick a patch of grass, you could dry it with the hairdryer until it's nommable. What's so hard about that?"


  1. Well, Whiskey has demonstrated that there is a way. It is generally understood that with leadership like that you are supposed to find the will.

  2. Looks like somebun has been into the carrots.. :)

    Poor abused Whisky. He should phone the weather bureau and explain to them they're raining at the wrong time of day again.