Friday 21 November 2014

The Double-Headed Peek-Out


  1. Over time I have become aware of some differences in lingo, but do you all really call it "peeking"? Well, I'd much, much, much rather have a bunny state than a police state. This is a marvelous picture, as are they all.

    1. "Peek" as in "look", as in they're peeking out of their hide-away looking to see if treats are inbound. It's not the best title. I might start asking Whisky to think them up, though be prepared to have seven days of titles like "Look! some bunnies! Now where's my grated carrots?"

  2. Oh, please don't change a thing. It is the greatest title. Although adding Whiskey's thoughts would be great. We sort of thought the peek-out might be in preparation for a sneak-out, but immediately rejected that possibility. Those bunns have struck carrots. The word that was on our mind was "surveille."