Sunday 2 November 2014

The Good Boy

Whisky has had problems his whole life. Periods without some form of daily medication and/or cleaning have been rare. As a result he is very accustomed to be handled and behaves well, give or take the odd head-butt if he thinks you are doing something wrong. It is also rare now for me to get the sort of cold shoulder afterwards like I would expect from most other bunnies.

His current regime is eye drops with a quick face wiping in the morning, a face bath and more drops in the evening. Recently I have started giving him a pinch of tasty (but probably slightly un-healthy) muesli mix afterwards as a reward for being good, which I suspect is what has prompted him to come running now when it's time for his drops!

"Come on - drop, wipe, snack! LET'S DO THIS!!!"


  1. Whisky! Bunnies everywhere are jealous of how well you've got your human trained!