Thursday 27 November 2014

Remembering Elvis

Today I will be remembering my dear Elvis, who died two years ago on this date, his life taken by a tumour hidden deep in his tummy and not diagnosed until it was too late.

Elvis, you were a wonderful, handsome boy and good companion to my beloved Jemima. It brought me so much joy to see you enjoying your life, running, digging and watching the world go by from your favourite spot. Oh how you loved that spot! No matter how good or bad my day was, looking out the window and seeing you sat there sunning yourself always made me feel happier.

I wonder how much of your personality was shaped by your previous life and your days surviving as a stray. You were always so happy doing your own thing, playing and chomping grass in the garden, but never a great fan of humans.

I miss you, my big orange boy. Like so many of my rabbit friends, you died far too young, I wish your life could have been a longer, happier and less painful one than it was. I hope you have found peace. You will always have a place in my heart.


  1. Yes, this Elvis is not ever leaving any of those heart shaped buildings that all of us have beating in our chests. It has been an honour to share your time and your memories of your big orange boy. May the blessings of God and peace be upon those who come to the aid of the livingness they meet and journey with. Our journeys with the ones with cherish will without a doubt resume. It is Thanksgiving day here. Thank you for the thankfulness you fill us with.

  2. He was such a handsome Fellow,Hugs xx Rachel

  3. We know just how you feel - it was a year ago to the day we lost our last dearly beloved Daisy :( A sad year without buns for us. You never forget them. Elvis looked like a complete sweetie. Jennifer