Tuesday 25 November 2014

Tuesday Tail #34

"Puny human! No longer will I submit to your totalitarian control of the snack-barrow! For I, Archimedes, having trained for several afternoons in the ancient art of Bun-Fu, shall now humiliate you in paw-to-hand combat. Prepare to fight!"

"Get ready for...Gah! What's this??!! You have mastered Shaolin-Head-Stroke?!"

"Argh! That's the Ninja-Cuddle-Palm!"

"I am sorry my beloved. I have dishonoured bunny kind. I was defeated in battle."

"It is a sad day, my darling Archimedes. While you hang your head in shame, I shall point my bottom of disapproval in his general direction."


  1. Aww but doesn't cuddles feel good too?xx Rachel

  2. Oh, couldn't we all use a gal pal like B? I mean, we are all trying to do our best, but it just doesn't always work out. That is when a friend with a convincing "bottom of disapproval" comes in handy.