Wednesday 21 January 2015

Diet Face

I mentioned previously that Whisky suddenly put on weight over the Xmas/New Year period (though to be fair, didn't we all?), but I was surprised to discover that he wasn't the only bun. After his stasis episode in early December, which saw him drop weight, Bobbit has also subsequently podged up. Maybe the Panacur course has cleared something in his system that is encouraging him to eat more, maybe it was winter weather reducing the outdoor playtime or maybe knowing he was underweight has led me to over-compensate with treats, but whatever it was, I think it's definitely 'healthier diet' time for all.

I just told him. I don't think this is his happy face.


  1. B-HV, you seem pretty light hearted about "healthier diets" for bunnies, maybe we should turn our attention to the "all" in "didn't we all?"

  2. [picks up cake] Youheardme. I owe so much to the ways to steal defense is a good offense...hey, this is really good cake.