Tuesday 13 January 2015

Mugged by an Angel

I love bunnies. They have the faces of angels.

"Oh it's you! I saw you put our cute faces on your blog last week!"

Right up until the point where they think you owe them something...

"With that in mind, I think it might be time to discuss our appearance fee...?"


  1. Oh my -- that last face. How could anyone resist?

  2. Dear B-HV, Those little faces are still very angelic. After all, the Angels are really hoping we will all do the right thing. You just have extra Angels, but the question is the same. Are you going to do the right thing? This includes getting some kind of hearing protection for your cast as well as, as well as what ever else they want.

  3. Now that I would Pay for,oh I do every morning with Speedy,xx Rachel