Thursday, 22 January 2015

Glaringly Evidential

Earlier this week, one of our commenters questioned whether I had indeed given snacks to mini-rex Meadow as I had claimed. I hereby present to you, as evidence to back up my claim, the picture of Stilton from the same set. Answer me this Auntie Jane:- is this or is this not the look of a bunny whose partner has just been given a tasty snack...?


  1. Yes I do believe snacks were given, how ever the look the Stilton is giving I would say there was not enough....more snacks please!xx Rachel

  2. Dear B-HV, We have all had to concede that Stilton's expression would clear your good name in any court in the land. The peanut gallery has fallen awkwardly silent except for one hand frantically waving in the back. Oh, wait, ah, yes, please tell Caroline to keep an especially watchful eye on her cherry coke, and again, pardon us our wild and reckless speculation.