Tuesday 21 July 2015

The Dis-Honourable Snack Deal

"Did you bring it? And my husbun didn't see you come in?"

"Oh yes, that's the stuff! Pure Cambridgeshire green!"

"I'll be in my hidey box, hold my calls, if Darius asks, tell him I'm at the gym..."


  1. Yes . . . another sordid domestic tableau . . . and the sleazy middleperson panderer, tsk, tsk. My real problem with this kind of thing is that the lovely damsel trapped in a loveless marriage has had to stoop to deceit for one little measly piece of parsley (?). She should have been offered platters and platters.

    1. Just because there is yummy parsley does not mean there is no love. A picture paints a thousand words but it can only snapshot a moment in a series of events. And pieces of parsley. Of which there were, indeed, many.

    2. Daytime/sober translation of my last comment:
      They are a fine couple, though Honour is clearly the boss! Although you only see one (well actually two) piece of parsley in the photos, you will not be surprised to hear that she sweet-talked a whole handful out of me!