Monday 27 June 2016


Once seen, never forgotten. 

When I first started volunteering many years ago, I recall very few of the rabbits but I certainly remember Hoppy, running around the grass areas with not a care in the world that only three legs worked properly and the fourth would spin wildly at his side. Over the years he never stopped, brave and wonderful and inspirational Hoppy, even as the rest of his legs became affected. On his last day, I witnessed him greet me at the door for his food and springboard an impressive height out of the large litter tray. He had a will to live and perseverance that meant we kept him comfortable for a long time, loving him and admiring him.

Many rabbits would falter at half of what life put him through. Many rabbits would be unhappy or give up, but he never did. Of all the rabbits in our care, he truly was the most special and amazing of them all.

Sadly his latest vet visit last week showed the true severity of his joint condition and how far it had developed, to the point where despite his great strength and composure, it was considered to not be in his best interests to allow things to deteriorate further.

With deepest regret, we said goodbye to a dear and much loved boy. Even departed, his memory shall live on in everyone ever touched by him.

And now we really can wish him something he's not been able to do from a young age... binky free, dear Hoppy. Binky free.

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