Thursday 24 October 2013

Elfy Bunnies

One of the benefits of cleaning out bunnies at the Rescue is that you find yourself spending more time with those in the less people-friendly enclosures than you otherwise would.

Take these two characters, who live in a low (for people) enclosure we made from several old runs screwed together. Apart from the odd health check, my main experience of them most weeks is their scrabble and grump with each other over food. It would be easy to think, based just on these encounters, that they were neither friendly nor particularly well bonded. But having hung out in their enclosure while cleaning it out last week I saw a completely different side to them. After they had a few minutes of stand-offish caution at my intrusion, we went nose-to-nose to say hello, the guard came down and in a very short time I got to give them lots of head-strokes. Without the food to compete over, or the strange human suddenly leaning into their space with it, they were delightfully friendly all round!

So in celebration of the bunnies who don't usually catch people's attention, I think they deserve a day on the blog!

"Hey, you'd be grumpy over breakfast if you lived with Solitaire - she always tries to scoff all my fave snacks!"

"Hmmm...I think you might have that backwards, oh husbun of mine..."


  1. Fen: Oh, poor little honey bunny boy, come tell this bloke all about it.
    Jane: Girl, I get your message. Keep on. I just know what you are going to say next.

  2. Investigating Officer: Well, we are awfully sorry about you bunns being cleaned out like that. Your neighbors say they heard voices being raised at the time of the crime, but you say you heard nothing. Hmmm, well we will be in touch."

  3. Brave to go in there. Turned out well - this time.

  4. hehehe its nice to see the true character of these buns,xx Rachel