Thursday 3 October 2013

Goodbye Girls

My beautiful and adorable foster buns move out today.

Noelle, my pretty little harlequin, such a timid girl who has come very close now to properly trusting me. I think she still has a little way to go before she will readily let humans be a fuller part of her life but once she does you can tell she will make a great addition to anyone's family. I suspect though that Noelle's natural rabbity caution means she will bond quickly with the right buck and then I'm sure he will quickly teach her how to work their humans to do their bidding!

Picante has been a joy to have in the house. She started off so shy and untrusting, quite scared of human hands, now she barely bats an eyelid when I have to pick her up. Picante is much like her mother Salsa in size and colouring. She has such pretty and individual markings too, with her one harlequin foot and one harlequin ear! If we make her available for some lucky buck looking for a wife, I'll bet she'll be first choice for every family who meet her!

I will certainly miss them both and be sad to see them go, but as always happy knowing they are one step closer to their permanent homes.


  1. Yay!for big steps in the right direction!xx Rachel

  2. Bet you're not gonna miss the scent marking and pee flicking, though. Silly bunnehs. They are absolutely GORGEOUS though. And they know it.