Sunday 13 October 2013

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Unfortunately, my plans for todays post required less rain and gloom than we are getting, so instead here are a couple more pics from yesterday's playtime in the garden. As is now common, our friend was out for playtime too, though I think Whisky's getting a bit fed up with him now.

"I'm pretty sure it's YOUR turn to chase him out of my garden."

"What? Were you planning on keeping all those worms for yourself?"


  1. To Whiskey, Sorry Sweetie. Today and tomorrow we need every drop of water that falls from the sky. To the little birdie, the early bunny gets the worm. To B-H V, yeah, what have you done lately, Lazy-Pants?

  2. Got to agree with AJ.... we need this rain; and if that means more pics of Whisky then how lovely is that!

  3. Umm we in the UK get more than our fair share of rain Thank you! you want the rain?you keep it,bored already thanks!Whisky I'm with you boy but you don't eat worms,xx Rachel and Speedy

    1. He doesn't eat them, but I wonder if it's the pitter patter of little bunny feets across the lawn that brings them to the surface and the thus the birds down from the trees?

    2. I am not a worm, nor or any of the other life forms I know who appear when they hear the potter patter of bunny feetsies. I resent the whole drift of the above statements, and as someone who accidentally/without trying it all became a bird rescue/rehab person, I want to assure you once again that bunnies are just, just not to be trusted. Your name is B-H V, but I am called Betrayed by Bunns, or simply 3B. All I wanted was something soft and fluffy that didn't eat birds. That is when I found out the TRUTH about rabbits. Thankfully I had gotten all kinds of help from our local group that I later came to volunteer for, but not the TRUTH. The birds fly freely around the house. The bunns live in big circles of those folding fences when I can't play with them. Everybody should be really happy right? Wrong, the birds want to nibble on the bunns' hay. No, not the hay from the bunn area that I started offering them when I saw this behaviour emerging, but the bunnies' hay. The truth is bunnies are very territorial and they went all Dirty Harry on me - you know, make my day bird! Not my hay, not today!