Wednesday 9 October 2013

The Parsley Dance

Quite some time ago I went through a phase of using parsley to short-cut the process of getting bunnies to look bright and keen for photographs. Then I decided that too high a percentage of my pics looked the same and certainly too many of them were of bunnies with foliage trailing out of their mouths, so I switched to the hard way:- "being patient". Well anyway, with the pressures of getting lots of pictures in a short space of time for various projects, this blog, websites etc, recently I fell off the "patient" wagon and got back on the parsley.

Lively and photogenic though the subjects are, it can still be tricky. Let's say you are sat on the floor (with bunnies about, why would you not be?) and you have about your person a bag of green deliciousness. At some point, your dear little fluffy model will cotton on that there is a better path to tasty treats than waiting for each one to be individually handed over. A second later you'll have a soon-to-be-empty bag with a rabbit's head in it (rest of the rabbit still attached of course, soon-to-be-full).

So the next thing you learn is to put the parsley out of reach, usually on top of a nearby hutch or run. This buys you a little time, but mounted on the front of that adorable little face is a finely tuned super-sniffer and very soon it will home in on where the pleasing aroma is wafting in from. Before you know it, there you are again with lots of pictures of the same thing. This thing that Gretta is doing in fact - I call it the "parsley dance":

"Get over here Desmond - I need to stand on you for a second..."


  1. Bunnies can stretch themselves surprisingly tall when reaching for yummy stuff!