Thursday 17 October 2013

Resorted To Sleep

"Want to hear something funny? After volunteering in the wind and rain yesterday, my human was so tired he crashed out on his bed for the whole evening. That's not the funny part. The funny part was when he woke up and found out I'd been re-arranging his DVDs while he was asleep..."


  1. Whisky, you are such an adorable little bun that I guess your human has forgiven you for his newly arranged DVDs!

  2. Oh Whisky,I would mind you rearranding my DVD's if I had you to wake up to.I just had the most adorable cuddle with Speedy in bed,Speedy did his bunny flop and roll in the crock of my arms where we both snoozed for an hour.That's the perfect start to my day!

  3. The main life lesson today (well, yesterday) was "If you are going to leave a pile of DVDs on the floor of the lounge, don't put a bag of dried dandelion on top of it and expect it to still be a neat pile when you return". So I can't really blame him.
    That photo came out strange - looked OK when I uploaded it, but his fur looks like it has had some sort of pastel filter applied. I assume it must have been something to do with Picassa or Blogger re-sizing it. Very odd.

  4. The glow attendant on a natural born comedian? Dandelion dust? Light reflected up from the tiny pieces of DVD still left in the carpet?

    1. Or, it turns out, the newly implemented "Google+ Auto-Enhance for pictures" function. Which I have now disabled for future pictures (I hope).