Wednesday 30 October 2013

The New Craze

He's been described as "the new Rocket", volunteers have been warned to be careful around him, but so far I've only found him to be delightful. OK, delightful and maybe a bit nuts. Well OK, completely nuts. Maybe even turbo-charged bouncing-off-the-walls nuts. But crucially, unlike Rocket, he hasn't tried to chomp me a lot.

Well anyway, he's been with us a couple of months now, so probably about time you got to meet him. Here's Ruben.

"Is this water???!!! Water is AWESOME!!!! Can I play with it?!"

"Oh wow, is this hay???!!!! I LOVE hay!!! I'm totally gonna stick my face right in it now!!!!!"

"Is that a broom? OMG IT'S A BROOM!!!! Can I have a go? Can I? Huh? OMG, I TOTALLY WANT TO SWEEP EVERYTHING UP!!!!!!"

Erm....OK, keep the broom. I'll come get it when you've finished. Or maybe later when you're sleeping.


  1. Hey, Ruben, you may have a bit of a reputation already but I'm loving your baby blue eyes!

  2. Oh my Ruben you are gorgeous,you sound just like Speedy a hyper cheeky rascal,xx Rachel

  3. Replies
    1. In fact I'm wondering if he's getting into Caroline's stash of energy drinks somehow...

    2. Probably has a tunnel to her supply.

  4. He probably is the supply. Whiskey put him up to it. He just had to teach the little mighty mite how to bob for water. This water is then sold by Whiskey to unscrupulous distributors.

  5. Check the fine print on C's drink for "genuine eau de Ruben graded and made available to select distributors under the aegis of Whiskey, Ltw., (limited to Whiskey). Quality is just as assured as you imagine.