Sunday, 9 March 2014

Bunsters In The Sun

Nice sunny day today, so Whisky decided that the conservatory would be the ideal spot for some naptime bun-bathing. And since naptime is most of the time, that meant he was camped out there pretty much all day, especially after he'd worn himself out this morning with a bunch of super-charged laps of the garden.

Well since Whisky wasn't going outside any more, I thought Anouska might like to go out, so I blocked off the exit from the conservatory and sat in the garden while she played. Suddenly somebun didn't want to nap...

"What the..? Why is this flat piece of tree in my way?"

"Bad luck, smelly butt! It's my garden now!"

"Fine. You go play with your new friend. I have things I need to do anyway..."

And then of course I spent much of the rest of the afternoon sweeping those things off the carpet. Ho hum.


  1. Yeah, mega-pooing is always a good punishment; my buns use it all the time!

  2. That bottom picture of Whiskey is really scary.