Monday, 31 March 2014

Meadow Mouf

Tiny blue mini-Rex Meadow went to a new home last week as partner to someones own handsome blue Rex.

Unfortunately there have been a few tensions back on his home turf, this does happen occasionally, so we are just waiting to hear how it's going. They may well need a second honeymoon on neutral territory back at the Rescue to decide they are right for each other, but fingers crossed things will work out for her.

In the meantime, from last weeks bonding session, here's her cute little breakfast-hole in a great big Monday-Mouf close-up!


  1. Breakfast-hole? Breakfast-hole? That is a fount of wisdom. Best of luck, little Meadow. We hope your husbun is less irreverent than your husbandry hoomin and that he will happily accept all your little bunny parts into his territory.

  2. I think Meadow is shocked that you would refer to her beautiful mouth as a breakfast-hole! Definitely shocked and appalled...