Thursday 27 March 2014

The Wonderful Wizz...

I really enjoy writing the bunny-photo tips for this blog. They do generally take much longer than the other posts, not only because they are longer than the other posts but also because taking a photograph of myself taking a photograph of Whisky can be an agonising, patience-testing, tricky business. I mean, sure, you'd think having Whisky helping would make it easier...

Well anyway, what with one thing and another, I haven't managed to find enough time to finish the next tip, so if you were expecting one today I am afraid I have to disappoint you. If it helps, please know that I am disappointed in myself for not having it ready in time. In fact, in order to convey the disappointment all round, I have asked Soufflé's partner Wizz here to attempt to gaze at us with an air of disappointed disapproval, whilst also injecting a flavour of cuteness to cheer us up at the same time. Take it away Wizz:-

"Attempt??!! Deffo nailed it, FYI."


  1. yep, you nailed it Wizz. Perfect.

  2. Deffo? I would so resent being dragged into the 21st century if the instrument of this torture were any less cute than Wizz. And, oh, yes, how could one fail with Whiskey's help? Maybe you should ask for more help?

  3. oh gosh I'm in love! and yes Jane Speedy is still my no.1 Love even over his Dad,xx Rachel

  4. NOTE - This is probably actually Wizz's brother Mooki, since Mooki is the one bonded with Soufflé. Several weeks after this was taken, Caroline realised she'd gotten the names switched around and switched them back (the names, not the rabbits).