Saturday, 1 March 2014

The Saturday Scare

There was a loud crash behind me, the door swung shut and suddenly the room was plunged into an impenetrable darkness. I could feel a chill draft against my cheek. And then it started.


That sound. Like a broken heart beat.


Every fibre of my being screamed at me to run, but as I could see nothing in the blackness I held fast. Then slowly, oh so slowly, I edged away from the sound, feeling along the floor with my feet, but somehow it only became louder.


My own heart beating heavy in my chest, pulse pounding in my ears, and yet still, that terrible sound...


I could take it no more, I turned, I lurched forward, but my feet caught something on the floor and I fell.


As I threw my arms out before me to save myself, the bucket slipped from my hands and clattered away into the dark.


And there, right in front of me, a tiny terrifying shape appeared from the dark and fixed me with its eyes. At that moment I knew. I just knew.


I'd never forget to include a small piece of carrot with Meadows breakfast again.



  1. Hehehe great photo try doing that when you're asleep to be woken like that in the middle of the night...scary,xx Rachel

  2. Amazing picture....scary bun...and I will have nightmares tonight!

    1. She is a TINY bluey coloured mini-rex. Actually really cute, but quite a strong personality (especially when you are trying to take her picture)!

  3. We are all so fond of you and your warren that we feel obligated to suggest you rethink the adjective "small." It just really doesn't belong in front of the phrase, "piece of carrot."