Sunday, 23 March 2014

The Taxi and the Tick-Off

Since Bobbit has been more confident with me the last few days I thought I'd be brave and turf him out into the garden when Anouska was out for playtime. It was a bit of a risk, he can get very stressed and panicky when he knows he is about to be picked up, so I was dreading the bit when I had to bring him back inside. I needn't have worried.

"Taxi for one? My room please, and step on it..."

Still, despite Bobbit's reluctance to do much more than a few minutes of investigating, Anouska seemed to enjoy having him out there for company. She kept checking on him between bursts of rushing about and I think felt happier knowing he was watching her back in case of danger.

There was of course one other bun with an opinion on their time outside...

"So this is your best efforts of keeping undesirables out of MY garden? This WILL be reflected in your next performance review."


  1. Dear Whisky, my heart melts every time I see your cute little face x

  2. What a wonderful adventure you and your little fosters are having. May things continue to go smoothly. I can't believe Whiskey waits or even gives you another performance review. What a generous spirited little bunn.