Monday 3 March 2014

The Monday...?

Quick show of paws - who thinks last Monday's post had a spelling error? Yes, yes, I can see all the cuteologists among you with their little feets in the air... OK, for those peeps, here is this weeks episode of "The Monday Mouf".


  1. Moufs make Mondays so much better!

  2. I certainly agree with Brandi on that, but I am going to leave the final word on moufs and Mondays to renowned lexicographer and state of the day philosopher, Fleetie.

  3. Uh? Whah? Me? Erm. Look, it's M*d*y!

    Don't expect me to think on a M*nd*y! It's asking a bit much to expect me to even get out of bed and go to work on a M*nd*y, frankly.

    Since you've now roused me into coming here and offering an opinion - on a M*nd*y! - here it comes, so prick up your ears!

    M*nd*ys only deserve Disapproval!

    Bunnehs have moufs. Hoomins and other inferior species have "mouths".

    Moufs are much cuter than mouths!

    And the above-pictured bunneh has one of the cutest moufs I've seen!

    That mouf and that bunny nosie are totally smoochable!
    I want to reach through my monitor and plant a big warm soft smooooch on that bunneh's nosie!

  4. I know the feeling, Fleetie. She's a little doll. Sorry to have bothered you, but we all appreciate adjudication from them what knows what's what. Thanks.

  5. Well - that is settled for once and for all ... but it's still Monday ...

  6. Yes it was and that is an adorable soft girly bunneh,xx Rachel