Tuesday 1 April 2014

Tuesday Tail #6

For todays Tiny Tale of Tails, I will now whoosh you back in time to those halcyon days of March 2012. Because yes, that's right, I've run out of new pictures. Hey ho.

Well anyway, here we go, back in time! (Cue trippy visuals and silly noises!)


"Oh hey, future peeps! I'm about to get stuck in here, so help me out - do I still look this cute in the future or do I eat too much of this grass and get a fat butt?"


  1. Topaz, I think you should ask B-H V. Yes, that strikes me as the kind of question you should ask him.

  2. Shouldn't the sound effects be more : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gf1X7yMFf8 ? (Adjusts her halo)

    ..as far as butts go, it's as perfect now as it was then!

    1. I thought about employing the Tardis method of transportation, but then I thought:- Big wooden box full of wiring, chompy mischievous bunnies, what could possibly go wrong? Oh yeah, everything!! Better do it sit-com/Waynes-World style! ;-)

    2. You have a very good point! A nibble here, a chomp there, and suddenly the whole world is run by rabbits and how would we tell the diff? ;)

  3. Curses! Whilst this was an older pic, I didn't realise when I chose it that I had posted it already (via Facebook)! Sorry about that - (a degree of) originality will return tomorrow, I promise!!! :-)

  4. Thats ok we all love this photo any way!xx Rachel