Sunday 27 April 2014

Yesterday Revisited

A couple of pics from Whisky and me celebrating 6 years of photo's yesterday...

"This is much better than fruit btw..."

"Hey, can I grow some nettle bushes in my room?"


  1. You, you all do know there is such a thing as "British humour," right? So you are offering pellets instead of apples to the flabbergasted Whiskey, and he mocks you with a request for nettles instead of a variety of in situ fresh green grasses? There is a lot of subtle stuff going on here.

  2. This will not work for "le plus c'a change, le plus c'est le meme chose." There used to be a terrible commercial produced for an American tobacco company marketing a cigarette especially for women that went - you've come a long way, Baby." This may perhaps be more dastardly. No treats for Easter. No treats for an important anniversary. Welcome to my world, Whiskey. Our lords and masters seem to operate out of the same play book. I say we start a support group.

  3. that photo of Whisky standing on his back legs is just adorable,Jane you just crack me up,xx Rachel