Saturday 5 April 2014

Choccy Loppy Do Dah

I could go into a long and winding excuse involving my busy schedule and lack of new photo's for why there was no post for today (before now), but the truth is, I ran out of time to sort it out last night because I am an addict. Blame me and my weak will, blame the friend who introduced me to the pointless time-sucking evil, but one thing is for sure, until I get 2048 I can't stop playing that wretched game. [sigh]

Sorry about that.

Here's some choccy lop youngsters enjoying eating snacks in a shed rather than floating away in a river. See you back here tomorrow.


  1. I can't seem to get to the link. Don't worry. My tech guy is in bed now, but he or Rachel will help me tomorrow. Your friend comes off as a saint compared to the woman who saved the bunnies. How about we put her name on a plack and attach it to some structure built in her honour for the bunns at R3?

    1. Jane did you manage to get to it?I'll email it to you,xx Rachel

  2. May the heavens rain blessings down on those who honour and serve the livingness of this world, and may the recollection of their courage help us all as we each turn our own hands to the task of the great healing.

  3. Oh my god that's horrible fancy some one stuffing those adorable babies in a bag to chuck them in a river,Elle the rescuer and her dog deserve a medal for stopping that horrid man and grabbing the bag and bringing them to you,xx Rachel

  4. Oh my gosh those poor fluffs!!!!! So glad they're in your hands now.