Wednesday 2 April 2014

Waiting to Exhale

The sad loss of both Bumper and Purdy over recent months left two of our very special 'permanent' bunnies in a state of singledom:- Jubilee, our big stubborn giant, and Hoppy, a physically-callenged bunny with a duff leg. After other attempts of pairings failed due to personality clashes, these two bunnies so dear to all our hearts have now found each other. Sure, there were a few initial spats over who got to scoffle the snacks first, but as you can see from this picture, they are now very much together.


Jubilee:"Oh, was I on your foot?"
Hoppy:"Yes, it was under my face!"


  1. I guess it is good to get these things clarified. They certainly are sweet bunnies. I am so glad they have each other (and you all!). It must be a great comfort to Bumper and Purdy.