Saturday 26 April 2014

My First Whisky

I recently ran out of disk space on my laptop, having filled it full of bunnies, so a significant amount of time over the last week has involved having a clearout and re-organisation of my old photo's. Feeling all nostalgic, yesterday when I was looking for something to post to make up for missing the morning, I went looking for my first ever photograph of Whisky.

Sure, I've shown you how he was the first bunny I took a picture of after I bought myself a proper camera, but that was in May 2008 and I was sure I had an earlier one I'd taken either on my phone or the mini camera I had before. As you might remember, Whisky and I first arrived at the Rescue around the same time several months before that. Well anyway, here is the earliest pic of mine that I can find of him:

Not a very good picture I'm afraid, and it shows me giving him fruit which, I have since learned, makes his bottom explode, but there you go. Just as I was going to post it yesterday I spotted it was taken at 08:17 on 26th April, which means today is the anniversary of me taking it! (And is why you didn't get it yesterday!)

My special little baby, I have been photographing you for exactly 6 years today. Happy photo-anniversary Whisky Bunny!


  1. This day has now been designated a household/my gang holiday. We are working on the development of worthy rituals and traditions. So far we have all agreed that on this special day we will beg you to give your special little baby special little treats. It will be possible for each of our local celebrants to enter panegyric contests. One will be for poems praising you, another for poems praising Whiskey, and another for poems praising you both. Of course we are a long way from working out all the details, but thank you very letting us know about this very special anniversary.

  2. Congratulations to you an amazing photographer and the other the cutest, most photogenic bunny ever!

  3. Never a disappointing post. Thanks for all you share with us :)