Friday 4 April 2014

On Friday's News...

My spare bedroom has a laminate floor. When occupied by indoor foster bunnies, for whom slippy floors can be dangerous, it is covered wall-to-wall in rubber backed mats and runners for grip, with a large washable rug on top for added foot comfort.

However well behaved and well trained the foster bunnies are, at some point they realise they are not alone in the house and will leave the odd message around the edges of the room. These are so anybun else who might wander nearby will know whose territory they are approaching. The area directly in front of the doorway will usually take the brunt of this, so underneath those mats is placed a thick layer of absorbent newspaper ready for the inevitable.

Newspaper. Just in a small area. Underneath the mats. In the corner. Out of sight. So you wouldn't know it's there.

Uh huh. Somebunny has a new project. What are the chances of working out who?

"Hey! Can you get me today's edition? I still need to cover a spot of floor over by the window."

I guess I won't need to call Sherlock Holmes in to figure out this one then.


  1. Well, if bunnies weren't such perfectionists, all the evidence would have been circumstantial, a classic closed room mystery. Sherlock to Watson: I just don't get it. There is no one here except these adorable bunnies.

  2. hehehe just to adorable aren't they?cheeky mischief makers,xx Rachel

  3. Outsmarting a bunny, were you? Heh, Heh, Heh!