Wednesday 13 August 2014

Bunny Stress

We had an evening of bunny stress at home last night leaving no time to sort out pictures from the Rescue. As most of the stress was caused by Bobbit seemingly being unwell, I will leave him to entertain you until (hopefully) normality returns tomorrow...

"Are you blaming me? The nerve! Well I suddenly feel less guilty about that damp patch on the rug I may or may not have had something to do with..."


  1. We understand, Bobbit. It is always blame the bunny. Please get well. We promise not to hold it against you, and what are a few spots on a carpet between friends? Now get well and stop worrying everybody.

    1. When I got home, he wouldn't eat, was avoiding Anouska and was acting out of character. Then he was breathing rapidly like he was really stressed. I was really worried, but he gradually returned to normal and started eating again around 10pm. This morning you wouldn't know he'd been unwell. Am wondering if it was something he ate or if the presence of the new fosters caused some sort of unseen rift between him and Anouska. Very odd though, and very stressful for me!

  2. Well, actually, thank goodness it wasn't that "damned spot" everyone is always talking about. Listen you have bunnies with problems, you can't foster. A foster is a knowledgeable oldie like me who doesn't have any bunnies of her own anymore, because she could drop dead any day. Now recruit some volunteers without bunnies for fostering and boarding or raise money for isolated wings off homes of people who do have bunnies. You are a peach of a catch for a bunnies and your little guys clearly have no scruples about torturing you and each other to keep the hoi poloi out. Now you stop bringing strange bunnies home. It isn't good for you or yours, and remember I could drop dead tomorrow.