Sunday 31 August 2014

Whisky And Tim

I came home from the Rescue today, I opened Whisky's gate and wandered into the bathroom to wash my hands before handling his food. When I came back to give him his dinner he had disappeared. I put the pellets on his plate, I fed, Anouska and Bobbit, but still no sign of my little boy. I found him downstairs on the sofa in front of the TV. So that's another bad habit I've (accidentally) taught him.

Addiction to comedy-drama aside, he is a regular rabbit, honest! Look! Here he is eating Timothy hay!



  1. Just don't introduce him to cricket or you'll find yourself making cucumber sandwiches at the order of "Hop to it!"

  2. Please don't make this extraordinary little bunn hide behind Timothy hay. We like him the way he is. Hope there is enough room on the sofa for both of you.

  3. hahaha extra amusement for him,love it,xx Rachel