Thursday 7 August 2014

The Grass And The Furriest

The aviaries at the Rescue are paved for safety (no digging out/in) and hygiene (easier to disinfect). Whilst it would be lovely to have all our residents living on grass, it is not practical in a rescue situation with so many bunnies and a reasonable turnover of re-homing and holiday boarding.

Along the front of the aviaries however, there is a line of grass we allow to grow long which can be picked and put in with breakfast. This is especially useful when we have sick bunnies who sometimes refuse to eat anything else, but they are not the only buns to benefit.

As I walk up and down the Rescue, filling up water bowls and so on, I frequently see aviary bunnies rushing forwards in the hope I'm there to give them some fresh green goodness. This is particularly true of Peppy, one of our jumbo buns, and how could I ever resist that gorgeous face? This is all fine, but the only problem is, when you open the aviary door he does tend to get a bit carried away before you can even give him anything...


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  1. Well, I think we have all been there. No need to draw extra attention to Peppy other than that stuff about his gorgeous face.