Saturday 23 August 2014


"Halt! Who goes there? Seriously, I can't see you thru my floof, who is it and did you happen to bring a good brush?"


  1. Browncloud won't share his? I hope this is a recent picture, and that M. Is doing well. Those were some lovely pictures when she and BC did the floofmeld.

    1. This pic was actually from 9th August. Poor Montana is not doing too well at the moment - she has dental problems and a severe respiratory infection which is blocking her nose and causing her to mouth-breath. She has also lost more weight and is really worrying us. She is on antibiotics now though, we will have to wait and see how that goes and see if we can get her weight back up a bit before we get her teeth problems looked at properly.
      I didn't really want to bring everyones weekend down with all that though, but after she came back from the vets yesterday I decided she deserved a day on the blog and hooked out this pic of her sweet face!

  2. Thank you for the loving care. I'm sorry the news isn't better.