Wednesday 29 October 2014


It is with great sadness that I report that our beloved Einstein passed away this week.

Einstein was an interesting fellow, a great big French Lop with a huge personality. He could be a real growly grump in the wrong environment who would even full-on assault you if you didn't listen to him, but for the most part he was a massive lump of adorability who loved attention. I, like many of the volunteers, whiled away many a happy lunchtime giving him all the head-strokes he demanded.

Because we all spent so much time with him he regularly featured on this blog and our Facebook page, but for the last 8 months or so he had been living at Caroline's house being fussed, along with his (not-so-fussed-cos-she-hates-it) partner Neroli.

Then last Monday Einstein became suddenly withdrawn, something was obviously wrong and Caroline rushed him straight to the vets. After a few days of treatment he seemed to be doing better, but then again on Monday, 27th October, it became clear that he was still unwell. Caroline booked him in for a scan to try and find out what was going on, but very sadly he passed away later that day.

We will all miss you dearly Einstein. Binky free, you big cuddly hunk of bunniness.


  1. Aww.. :( Sorry to hear Einstein binkied away leaving many sad hearts behind.

  2. These are the most wonderful pictures. I would give almost anything to have once been able to caress Einstein's head. Thank you both for your great gifts to us. I believe you will be together again in the new heaven and new earth that you are both helping to bring. Thank you for the love and joy and magic trust from which all creation is divinely and and without loss called into being, preserved, and set free again, allowed to be again.