Sunday 5 October 2014

Last Minute Change

Whisky was having a lazy day today so this post was going to be about...I don't know...maybe how it suddenly got cold last night so we need to make sure outside bunnies have enough straw/hay...or how Anouska had fun in the garden this morning but the grass was still damp so I got a cute pic of her cleaning her feets...or maybe just about Whisky taking cute naps during his lazy day (he did look adorable!). But the MOMENT I sat down to write something he came racing out of his room, down the stairs and decided he DID want to go out today after all. [sigh]

So today's post is a reminder about how bunnies want to do things to their schedule, not ours...

"I wish you'd stop complaining. I've scheduled you for a 15 minute break from tending to my needs later."

"I mean, sure, it's so I can have peace and quiet while I eat the dinner you're gonna make me, but still, take what you can get and be thankful, human!"


  1. What happened to that old saying, "Adorable is as adorable does. Not as adorable naps." Oh, and if 15 minutes isn't working out for you, you could give the poor little bunny boy some more nom-noms? Changing the setting of your grater is not an option (I would risk). Have a wonderful day, y'all!

  2. Life goes easier when you obey the bunns

  3. Hang in there . somehow. The bunns like it.