Sunday, 19 October 2014

When Whisky Met Rhianna

"What's with the cage? Are we here for no-holds-barred fighting?"

For the last few weeks Whisky has been coming to the Rescue with me one day a week. Far from being just a day out for him, we have been introducing him to Rhianna, a very sweet natured girl who came in with Tatiana (they look very similar, I am guessing they are sisters).

Whisky and Rhianna had a couple of days in a bonding shed staring at each other through cage bars. Whisky being a fragile little soul, we wanted to take it easy so last week she moved into his room in a cage. With zero sign of tension between them over the week, yesterday we put them out in a neutral space at the Rescue together. It started OK, but ultimately he can't get over his fear of other rabbits, he lashes out in a panic and she would only take so much before she started fighting back. So it seems it wasn't to be.

After a long day, Whisky chose to stay in his room last night looking absolutely exhausted. I thought he'd be cheerier today, but after a series of super-flopped-out naps I'm now mostly getting a lot of this:


I don't know which part of the experience he is holding against me, but I am hoping the resentment goes away soon. Ho hum.


  1. Aww.. *Snuggles* for Whisky.

    He doesn't need some other bunny, he's got a pet human to boss around!

  2. Making up is hard to do? So is fighting one's fears. Would it help if someone stayed close so Whiskey could retreat to a human friend rather than strike out at a rabbit? Maybe have humans petting both bunns?

    1. We have tried a bunch of stuff, with her and other rabbits, but as soon as they show an interest in him even a friendly one he panics and lashes out making them aggressive or uninterested in him in response. The whole episode reconfirmed what we thought last time we tried - he is too awkward to be a simple bond and too vulnerable to try anything too risky.