Sunday 26 October 2014

Things Are Looking Up

Whisky is doing much better now. We still don't know what made him ill:- it came on late evening last Sunday and from that time until Wednesday morning he wouldn't eat, drink or leave his bed (which from early Monday to late Wednesday was at the vets). When he came home Wednesday evening he was still confused and not himself, but he was at least eating and drinking again, even if I did have to move a water bowl so he could reach it from his bed. But he gradually improved, via some ups and downs, and by yesterday he was mostly acting like regular Whisky, joining me on the sofa to watch TV and con extra treats out of me.

Here's hoping he is over whatever it was and that we have some time before whatever evil next decides to attack his weak little immune system. In the meantime, it looks like I'm back on regular servant duties...

"So, you've noticed I'm eating and yet...I don't see my post-lunch-pre-mid-afternoon snack?"


  1. its horrible when our boys are poorly,keep munching Whisky,xx Rachel

  2. Very happy to hear Whisky is back on all four feet and trying to eat you out of house and home. :)

    .. But poor little guy, every time he thinks he has his human trained, the human goes and does something backwards! Don't you know Mr Human that rabbits are on a Hobbit meal schedule? ;)

  3. I am so happy, so grateful. Thank you for your care of this little angel boy and all the bunns at R3.

  4. So pleased that Whisky is on the mend, perhaps the attempt of bonding was a bit stressful but who knows with bunnies they can be so unpredictable at times. Been saying prayers for him. Glad that he is back demanding sweeties. Jennifer

    1. It does seem quite a coincidence that it happened the day after being out on a grass area at the Rescue with Rhianna. It could be that he picked something up off the grass from where other bunnies had been out. The stress of it all may will have played a part, but he seemed perfectly relaxed after we separated them and put him back on his own (she wasn't so calm) and seemed fine for the 24 hours immediately afterwards. I don't think we will ever know for sure.