Thursday 18 December 2014

How to Stop Worrying and Start Snacking

It is not unusual for the dominant bunny in a pair, however loved up they seem to be at other times, to be a bit of a meanie when food arrives. A second before you hand over their breakfast they may chase off their partner, growl and nip at them to remind them the dominant bunny gets first dibs on the snacks.

I can cope with this, and mitigate it somewhat with how I put the food down in their run/shed/aviary (have the veg sorted out in advance, quickly give the first bit to the dominant bunny then spread the rest of the food out etc), but one thing that always tugs at my heartstrings is seeing our dear three-legged bunny Velveteen (on the right, below) being chased off by her bigger partner Hercules. He can get quite brutal with her, possibly aggravated by her reduced mobility not allowing her to back off as fast as he feels she should.

So when, while trying to photograph them, I see them go for the same clump of parsley, I feel very anxious...

"...ehn..." - "...ehn..."

...but then that does mean I feel all the more gratified when I see them sort it out and share!

[..chomp.chomp.chomp..] - [..chomp.chomp.chomp..]

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  1. Would it also be possible to get some advice on how to stop snacking and start worrying?