Thursday 4 December 2014

Weather Vain

I've been trying to catch up on taking photographs for bunnies' signs, both for new bunnies and those where the pictures are out of date. The winter weather is not making the task easy.

"It's photo day? Could you not wait 'til it's drier? My floof is all over the place - who could be happy having their picture taken in this weather?!"


  1. Aww.. Poor wee bun. In desperate need of a hare dryer!

  2. Who is the bunny in top and is he or she available for rehoming

    1. The bunny in the top pic is Vegas, these two bunnies live together as a bonded pair. I believe they are available (as a pair), but Vegas' is nervous and needs regular brushing so they will need a confident and experienced owner. Anyone interested should contact us via our website for more info.