Tuesday 2 December 2014

Tuesday Tail #35

Mutley's last appearance here was a little blurry, so here from the same set is "Mutley WITHOUT Motion". It was taken a second before the other one - notice the directional earses that are both pointed backwards listening out for Mr Clicky Camera.

And since I've just realised he's only ever been on the blog the one way round, here's the other end!

"Oh, charming, so you're including my face as an afterthought?! Do I need to check RabbitRehome? Cos if all you've uploaded there is pictures of my butt then maybe that's why I'm still here!"


  1. Mutley, I am afraid you have become a cherished "regular" on Tuesday-Tail. We just can't do without you. Of course, we pray you will find a wonderful forever home, but you will need to tell any potential lucky ducks who ask about you that you do have certain contractual obligations, but they can see that those are met in your own home if they have their own clicketty thingie.

  2. This means we get to see Mutley pics every Tuesday right?