Monday 3 August 2015

Because Parsley


  1. Are you offering these bunns some chewy green herb that brings on nap time and leaves them confused upon waking? Some new fad Archimedes started? All that is okay, I guess, but this new grammar fad . . . well, I am hurt, a bit disappointed . . . reminds me I am no longer 97 and am getting sort of out of touch, not able to keep up like I used to. Would you consider a senior's edition, subtitles?

    1. Well, you see, these bunnies are all much younger than us, they do like to confound us old souls with their modern vernacular. What can you do but smile, nod, say "that's nice dear!" and head off to find a comfy chair to nap in, only to wake shortly after and hear yourself say "Wasn't I carrying a bag of parsley before?"