Sunday 23 August 2015

SLM Season

It appears to be SLM season again in our house. Whereas for the rest of the year all the surfaces of the house are covered in a layer of hay, this time of year they are covered in rolling clouds of white floof. And hay. The source of all this, ground zero of the floofpocalypse, is a little mobile shedding machine that will literally follow the vacuum cleaner re-floofing everything. It is an unending floofarama. Here is the SLM:

I periodically comb/brush/stroke the loose floof out of him, but I couldn't even tell you if this is pre or post defloofing since he always looks the same regardless and sheds fur at the same rate. It is all very frustrating and of course my efforts are not even slightly appreciated. And did I mention the part where I am also permanently covered in a layer of white floof?

"Really? All this negativity? Cos I'm still waiting to hear the bit where any of this is a problem for ME."


  1. Whiskey, he is such a whiner. I was about to ask you how you stood it, but then you helped me understand.

    1. Jane, I'm not sure you are spelling "winner" correctly there. Of course, winner is exactly what I feel I am every day that I have this little fluffy boy in my life, at least for the few seconds between putting clean clothes on in the morning and becoming re-caked in floof.

    2. Blessings on you both. You are quite the pair (pear?, pare?, sp?).

  2. lol its the same with Speedy ,covered in floof with puffy eyes...allergies,xx Rachel

  3. Is it Whisky's fault he just wants to show the world how bunny fur SHOULD be worn?

    Sage Bunny used to sit between me and the fan (no matter where I moved the fan to) to make sure I was extra covered in her fur. (*Sneeze*)